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Crawford Consulting International
Building your ability to profit by focusing you on your clients' success.

Crawford Consulting International works with organizations and their employees to help them understand fully their clients' environment and what has to happen to make their clients successful.

Therefore, our philosophy is that our clients succeed when they help their clients succeed in a way both parties feel good about.

This philosophy involves rethinking your goals and aspirations so that they are totally client-focused.

News and Events

Workshop for Northern California Translators Association April 2011

Andrew Crawford facilitated a workshop for the Northern California Translators Association (NCTA) in April 2011. For a brief summary of the event, which appeared in the NCTA's journal, "Translorial," click here.

Interview - Professional Sales Training July 21, 2010

Business radio AM 1220 KDOW. This interview with Andrew Crawford of Crawford Consulting International and Steve Richard of Vorsight was on Boomtown Radio.
Click here to listen. If you prefer to stream the broadcast directly, visit click here then click the "Listen Now" play button mid-way down the page.