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No More Cold Calling

No More Cold Calling™ is the breakthrough system that can transform your sales organization into a highly refined referral-generating machine. No other sales strategy will deliver legions of prospects wanting to meet with you -- prospects you specifically target . There is no other business-generation process that makes the competition simply disappear.

Clients typically:

  • Increase their qualified pipeline a minimum of 30 percent
  • Increase their referral business a minimum of 20 percent
  • Decrease business development time and get more sales leads
  • Obtain appointments with key decision-makers
  • Accelerate their growth in new markets and with new products

Andrew Crawford is a qualified facilitator in the No More Cold Calling™ system and can work with you to develop workshops tailored to your organization’s specific business development goals. The No More Cold Calling™ system and approach was devised and developed by Joanne Black, with whom Andrew works closely.

Joanne is America’s leading authority on referral selling as well as a dynamic keynote speaker. She is the author of No More Cold Calling™, the Breakthrough System That Will Leave Your Competition in the Dust, forthcoming in April, 2006 from Warner Books. The book can be pre-ordered now at or